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 Pricing - TLM Maintenance

Our Turf & Landscape Maintenance program - includes         

  • Turf Maintenance: mowing, edging, string trimming + blowing + leaf removal from  landscape during winter season + spraying weeds in  cracks & crevices as needed.

  • Horticulture Landscape Services: each visit we perform a detailed flowerbed service of hand pulling weeds, spot spraying & applying per-emergent to aid with weed control.

  • Ornamental Shrub Care: Inspection of all plants to help provide the client with treatment solutions and a plan of preventive insect & disease control.

  • Shrub Pruning: pruning by a skilled professional who knows the proper plant pruning needs and will be performed at the proper time [All pruning is done from ground level]

  • Tree Pruning: trimming of low hanging limbs that block or could hit someone passing by on walkways or touching vehicle (Tree trimming is only done from ground level)

  • Irrigation Inspection: includes setting controller according to season and making minor adjustments.

  • Debris Removal: pick up and haul away trash related to grounds care.

*prices are based on size, amount of landscape to maintain, difficulty of property and time based on our man hr rating. A site visit is needed to determine exact price.

Price example for small yard size [2,500-7,000sq.ft'] depending on *above factors

*** $250 - $350 {monthly} ***

Price example for mid size yard  [7,000-15,000sq.ft'] depending on *above factors

*** $350 - $450 {monthly} ***

Price example for large size yard  [15,000-50,000sq.ft'] depending on *above factors

*** $450 - $750 {monthly} ***

Larger size or multiple acres? contact us, we are would be happy to get you a quote

 Pricing - Landscaping work

Landscape Design & Build: each project is unique and is based on time to complete project and materials {due to job specifics we are happy to discuss your project} **We have LSU graduate landscape architect on staff who can provide 3D renderings of your project

 Pricing - Enhancement work

  • Mulching

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Flower instillation

*prices for the above work is based on material and company man hr rating

 Pricing - fertilization & weed control

*Prices for our fertilization and weed control programs: are based on property square footage and weather you choose a 100% organic program or an hybrid program. We can customize the best program for your needs.

To maintain healthy and disease free growth we can provide fertilization and herbicide applications that ensure your turf is getting the proper nutrients, while also preventing unwanted weeds. We will analyze your turf needs and customize the right combination of industry leading products for your specific application.

7 application Lawn Care program:

Round 1 Jan. - Feb.

Results: Pre-emergent / weed stop

Round 2 March 

Results: Stimulates root growth, Nourishes soil, Weed stop

Round 3 April  

Results: Provides a pop of green, Stimulates root growth, Nourishes soil

Round 4 June 

Results: Provides a pop of green, Prepares turf for summer stress, Weed stop

Round 5 July - August 

Result: Pop of green, Assits in summer stress recovery, Weed stop

Round 6 September - October  

Results: Develops roots growth, Weed stop, Prepares turf for winter stress

Round 7 Nov. - Dec.

Result: Soil conditioner, Weed stop     

6 application Shrub Care program:

Round 1 Jan. - Feb.

Results: Stimulates root growth, Nourishes soil

Round 2 March - May

Results: Organic feeding to promotes plant and root health + horticultural for insect control 

Round 3 June - July

Results: Provides slow release feeding through heat of summer

Round 4 August - September

Results: Provides organic plant feeding

Round 5 October - November 

Results: Develops roots growth and prepares soil builder

Round 6 December

Result: Horticultural for insect control    

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