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Alert...Alert...Alert!!! - it's coming

Hope I have your attention, but it's true the 2018 Spring is almost here and there's lots to do. Here are a few things we are doing for you.

1) Winter / freeze damage cut backs [excluding some plants / palms]

2) Applying 1st round of pre-emergent for weed control in the landscape [if you are a full service client *if you are billed a flat rate yearly then you are full service.

3) Preparing to start installing spring mulch {call me if you are not sure you'er on the schedule.}

4) Spring flowers installing soon *** if we have not planted flowers for you in the past, call I'd love to design something for you.

5) About to start 1st rounds of lawn & shrub care......and we have some great new products we will be using that have had tremendous results on trees, shrubs & lawns and it's ORGANIC 100% safe for humans and your pets. You can learn more on our website under New at the top of our should be receiving an email regarding this exciting product.

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