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Rain! Rain! Go Away!

We all know and expect to get our fair share of rain, but this is ridiculous right? I'm not a weatherman and a professional landscaper. So far this has been the wettest season on record, and I thought last year was pretty wet. So first I would like to say THANKS to all of our wonderful clients for your understanding, we work in these conditions everyday trying beautify and maintain your property without damaging the turf areas (big challenge right now) again thank you.

Q. Are you wondering how does all this water effect your lawn and landscaping?

A. 1st. with the amount of rainfall that we have been receiving the number one worry is flooding. The water has nowhere to go or is not draining quick enough due to the ground being saturated. In this case the best you can do is make sure you have drainage installed to water moving off your property.

A. 2nd. Standing water or too much rainfall definitely causing issues for grass and plants, too much water on the lawn will not only kill it but it will become a breeding ground for turf fungus and mosquitoes. The plants also will suffer because the ground is saturated and the water has no where to go the plants roots maybe sitting in water causing root rot and other plant diseases (it's a slow death that can cause plants to die)

There's more that could be discussed, but the best advise that I can give is: Make sure your irrigation is turned off and make sure your drainage system is clear of debris and have drainage installed if you are concered


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